At Veolia, we use the word “waste” sparingly. The world’s resources are finite, but the possibilities for recycling, recovering and regenerating valuable materials are seemingly endless.

Our employees work with a variety of challenging matierlas, ensuring they are either disposed of properly or recycled for beneficial reuse. Because of the nature of the materials we collect, everything from lamps and batteries to chemicals confiscated by the Organisation for the Prohibtion of Chemical Weapons, safety is not an option- it’s a requirement.

Whether you are at a customer site, in transit, or at one of the facilities we own and operate, you and your colleagues alike undergo extensive safety training and are held to the highest-possible safety standards.

With 13 OSHA VPP Star Certified locations, and millions of dollars invested in safety programs, we take pride in ensuring you go home unharmed at the end of the day.

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