Plant Manager- Brooklyn, NY - New York, NY - Veolia North America

Date de Publication: 4/30/2021

Résumé de l'offre

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    Employé à plein temps
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  • Expérience:
    At least 3 year(s)
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Description de l'offre

The Plant Manager is responsible for all day to day operation, maintenance, fiscal and administrative functions of the Project. Responsible for the efficient, economical and safe operation of Project Equipment, Capital Equipment and Project Work Force. Manages all areas of responsibility consistent with Site Procedures, the O&M Agreement, Owner's Plan of Operations, Energy Services Agreement (if applicable), governmental requirements, and good utility practices. Communicates regularly with immediate superior and the Owner's Project Director for information exchange, consultation, guidance and required approvals.
Appoint in writing an Acting Plant Manager to interface with the Operator and Owner during Plant Manager's absence. Also, obtain from Operator and Owner the names and/or positions and telephone numbers of individuals to be contacted when the normal contact is unavailable.
Manage Project Work Force in the performance of assigned duties.
Coordinate with Operator's Corporate Personnel Department regarding the hiring or termination of Operator Project personnel.
Oversee training of Operator Project personnel in the safe operation and maintenance of Project and Capital Equipment.
Promote personnel safety and professional growth through written procedures and on-going training programs.
Ensure that the information contained in Site Procedure BNY-16, Work Rules, is available to all Operator Project personnel and that when necessary, appropriate disciplinary action is administered in a fair and consistent manner.
Analyze and make recommendations regarding appropriate and efficient Project Work Force staffing levels. Responsible for timely reporting as required by Site Procedures, the O&M Agreement, and governmental requirements.
Ensure prompt and timely exchange of information to appropriate parties regarding all items of interest to the Project (for example: safety, efficiency, availability, reliability, economics, Project betterment and extended life).
Responsible for the planning, scheduling and performance of all Project related subcontractor work.
Plan unit outages (must fit dispatching needs) and prepare operating shift schedules to accommodate Project operation and scheduled maintenance.
Prepare budgets and control operating expense at or below budgeted levels.
Assist in development, ongoing revision, maintenance and accuracy of Site Procedures as well as oversee implementation and monitor compliance.
Organize and implement equipment and system commissioning, operational and maintenance history files in order to identify developing trends and permit correction of degrading equipment performance.
To maximize Project capacity factor, availability, performance and efficiency:
Set Project operating goals for the above.
Review operating and maintenance data on a continuing basis.
Investigate equipment problems and make the necessary corrections promptly.
Identify potential design changes in equipment, cycle improvements, and/or procedures.
Take the necessary action to obtain information and engineering assistance which may be required to operate the Project efficiently and at the highest possible output consistent with equipment life.
Work with Operator and Owner representatives to identify, procure and maintain spare parts and inventory consistent with the goals of the Project.
Inform the applicable contractual parties of all progress, potential problems and significant events pertaining to Project Equipment, Capital Equipment, and the Project Work Force.
Maintain adequate records and confidentiality regarding:
Personnel performance
Salary administration
Individual equipment performance and maintenance
History - unit output
Responsible to properly ensure adherence to the provisions of any Collective Bargaining Agreements associated with the Project.
Ensure compliance with Energy Services Agreement (if applicable) with emphasis on maximizing profits and minimizing penalties.
Responsible to their immediate supervisor to ensure that they comply with the Environmental Compliance Program and that they have taken all reasonable precautions to prevent incidents of noncompliance by themselves or on the part of others. They shall further be responsible to immediately report to their supervisor any known or suspected violations to the environmental program or any situation they suspect could lead to a violation.
Responsible to their immediate supervisor to ensure development of a safety program that complies with all Federal and State requirements. They shall also be responsible to appoint in writing a Site Safety/Environmental Coordinator to administer the safety program.
Develop parameters for an employee incentive program.
Ensure that proper personal hygiene is required for all employees
Responsible to ensure good public/community relations on behalf of Owner and Operator.
Responsible to maintain confidentiality of information available to the position.
Perform all duties and responsibilities assigned by the immediate supervisor to this position, but not specifically stated in this description.
The Plant Manager determines own practices and procedures, contributing to the development of new concepts, and performing duties independently with only general directions given. Decisions are made within policy constraints. The Plant Manager encounters new and varied work situations, extremely complex in nature.
The Plant Manager is accountable for the plant's long-range planning. The Plant Manager must effectively communicate information to the Vice President, Power Plant Operations/Technical Services, Plant Supervisors and client representatives relative to the overall operations of the plant. The Plant Manager must perform duties, and ensure all plant personnel are performing duties, in a safe manner resulting in no accidents, in compliance with all environmental permits at all times and in compliance with the applicable NERC Standards. The Plant Manager must perform duties, and ensure all plant personnel are performing duties, in such a way to result in an optimum cost-benefit ratio.
All employees have the responsibility to both the customer and their co-workers to do the job right the first time and to ensure the customer’s needs are being met.
The Plant Manager reports to the Division Director, and supervises the Plant Supervisors and the Administrative Manager. The Plant Manager is the single point of contact between NAES Corporation and the Owner on all matters pertaining to the operation and maintenance of the plant. The Plant Manager cooperates with other NAES Corporation division managers as needed.
Physical requirements include: possibility of working on feet for extensive periods, requiring stair and ladder climbing. Protective equipment must be worn in the performance of some duties (e.g. hard hats, safety glasses, air masks, ear protection, chemical suits, hot gloves and high voltage protective equipment, etc.).
Position requires extended working hours and varied shifts with the possibility of weekend and holiday work, as required by schedules, work load and plant conditions. "On call" status will periodically be required.
All employees will participate in the Fitness for Duty Program. This program includes a post- offer physical examination and drug screening and post employment random drug screening. There are extensive smoking restrictions in and around the facility.

Profil Requi

Bachelor of Science degree in engineering or equivalent required. 10 years of power plant or similar experience required. At least 3 years experience supervising technical, supervisory and administrative personnel. Strong leadership and motivational skills required.
The statements contained in this job description are not necessarily all inclusive; additional duties may be assigned and requirements may vary from time to time.
All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or protected veteran status.
All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or protected veteran status.