Operator I- Westlake, LA in Westlake, LA at Veolia North America

Date Posted: 1/15/2020

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Job Description

Filter Press Operations
1)      Make shift relief at 4am and 4pm. Must be able to work shift work (12 Hrs) 4 days in a row with a 1 day short change.  These items outside duties on a normal operating day require approximately 1 to 2 hours to complete.  These tasks are performed about 3 to 4 time a shift ( every 3 to 4 hours a shift)  The process also needs to be checked on every hour.
2)      Check filters press and mix bins pressures and levels. Drop cake when press is ready.
a.      Will be climbing 15 to 20 steps and crossing railroad tracks to and from control room to press area
b.      You using a plastic scraper you will slightly bend over to reach the plate in order to scrap the cake off the filter cloth.
c.      Opening and closing the filter requires pushing a series of buttons as well as using a light curtain to start and stop the rabbit.  This will allow the employee to reach the filter cloth for cleaning.
d.      The rabbit is protected by a light sensor that will stop the process.
3)      Add DE (filter aide) to pre-coat tank.
a.      Must climb 10 steps to the mix bin
b.      Must either carry or gently toss  30 – 40 lbs bags of DE to the platform
c.      Must reach over and open manway lid which weighs about 10 pounds.  This action exposes a large opening into the mix bin that is 2.5 by 2.5 feet across.  The opening is at the operators feet from this position the employee will bend over to open and drop the contents of the bag into the opening.   They do 3-4 bags every time a cake is dropped.
4)      Check T6015 and T6011 for levels.
a.      Will cross railroad tracks to access the tanks
b.      Will be climbing 75  steps to reach each tank
c.      Tank is open but the edges of the tank are very high and there little risk of falling into the tank while checking levels.
5)      Wash press area down, pick up trash and empty trash cans.
6)      Change out diaphragm and LMI pumps.  This task happens at least once a week but could also occur multiple times during the day.
a.      Unbolting pumps for rental companies to  exchange and lifting the pump about 18 inches onto a platform
b.      Diaphragm pump weighs about 100 pounds but this task would not be completed by the operator alone in most cases.
c.      LMI pump weighs 10.
7)      Change out poly totes.
a.      Operator disconnects old tote and reconnects the tote.
b.      All movement of the totes is conducted by the forklift driver from P66
8)      Work in hot, cold and wet environment.
9)      Perform LOTO when work is required at the filter press area.
a.      Follow procedures to ensure that you have everything properly locked out in accordance to what the LOTO policy.
10)   Train for future outside operator position.

Job Requirements

Qualifications:  High School diploma or GED
 Valid Driver’s License and maintain throughout employment
 One year of work experience
 Work effectively in diverse team environments that are dynamic.
 Effective communication skills, both written and verbal.
 Read and comprehend instructions/signs/directions in English.
 Ability to perform basic mathematical calculations
 Proficient using PC, email and word processing software
 Pass drug screens, physical and safety sensitive background check.
 Ability to focus with attention to detail to complete tasks safely and correctly
 Demonstrate ability to learn and then independently operate equipment which
may include pumps, engines, centrifuge, generators, valves, gates,
mixers, conveyors, blowers, dryers, chemical feed, odor control,
disinfection equipment, sludge processing filters, belt presses and
measuring/control devices, testing equipment and material handling


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